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If you require any of our boiler services, be it oil or gas boilers for your central heating system and want to get the best deal, look no further than Dublin Gas Boiler Services. Our company has all the expertise and means necessary to install, replace or repair boilers and heating systems in your home or business. Dublin Gas Boiler Services Dublin offer a wide selection of plumbing and heating products, services and professional advice.

We Are an RGI Accredited Gas Installation Company.

RGI (Registered Gas Installer) is the gas safety certification scheme for gas engineers from the installer and Sustainable Trust. The scheme allows you to check whether your gas engineer has been fully trained and is regulated by  RGI for your security, peace of mind, and compliance with regulations.

A little Bit About Boilers

Gas boilers:

The heat exchanger of a gas boiler is a close network of waterways through which the hot gases rise. No great fear is given to the sooting-up of this heat exchanger because of the cleanliness of the fuel and its combustion process.

Oil boilers:

These can be found in several designs although only those using a pressure jet burner are produced today.

Combination boiler:

This is a specifically designed boiler which is used to heat up the domestic hot water instantly, as and when required, and also to serve as a system of hot water central heating. The combination boiler reduces installation costs because no feed and storage vessels are required for the supply of water, also by omitting the storage of domestic hot water, this boiler saves money which might have been spent heating the water unnecessarily.

Condensing Boiler:

This is a design of boiler which can have an increased efficiency over the more traditional boiler. The efficiency of a typical non-condensing boiler is around 75% whereas with condensing boilers a figure of over 87% can be expected. This increased efficiency is due to the extraction of heat from otherwise wasted flue gases.

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