Dublin Gas Boiler Service

Dublin Gas Boiler Service

Rgi Registered Gas Installers Swords North Dublin
Gas Boiler Installations
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Gas Boiler Installations Dublin

There is nothing quite like firing up a new gas boiler installation. Be it in a new property or a replacement for a previous boiler the initial firing up is akin to launching a ship for both our Gas Installers and the property owners.

But of course there are a few things which need to be considered before we get to the initial ignition of the new boiler.

A survey of all aspects of any previous central heating system is a must.

Calculations to ascertain what type of boiler and indeed type and numbers of radiators will be the most economical and effective for the property to be heated.

Our team of highly experienced Gas Installers work with you from the very start to ensure you get the very best result from your new gas heating installation.

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Dublin Gas Boiler Services

System Power Flush

Optimise and Protect your heating system.

Oil Burner Servicing

Optimise and Protect your heating system.

Gas Boiler Servicing

Preventative Maintenance For Hassle Free Heating.

Boiler Repairs Replacement

Out With The Old And In with The New. We Take Care Of It All Including Disposal.


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We are based in Swords And Rush, North County Dublin. But we provide services to all Dublin areas and surrounding counties of Wicklow, Kildare, Louth and Meath

Yes , we can show some some Brand options we would recommend for your situation

Yes, All our Plumbers are RGI Certified.


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