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Oil Boiler Servicing
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Oil Boiler Servicing

Oil Boiler Servicing

Oil  Boiler Servicing  helping ensure trouble free and efficient functionality of your Oil Fired Central Heating System through regular servicing.

Our professional Oil Fired Central heating  engineers are fully insured, RGI Certified and are fully trained to work with the very latest industry technologies and systems on both domestic and industrial heating systems.

We test combustion, safety and water quality to provide you with the most efficient version of your central heating system!

OIL Boiler INSTALLATION DUBLINTypical Oil boiler Servicing deals with the safety and the combustion of the appliance.

With Oil boiler servicing, a trained engineer may issue a OFTEC certificate, but this is not mandatory.

Fixed price servicing of boilers is not recommended, due to the fact that some boilers cannot be serviced correctly without new gaskets and seals etc. (in some cases, adding €50-100 to the overall cost) Each boiler is assessed accordingly and in line with industry safety standards.

Having your boiler serviced every year does not protect it from breaking down, it also must be tested annually for safety reasons.
The terms ‘service’ and ‘repair’ do not mean the same thing. When a boiler service is complete, many assume the heating system is good to go, but a lot of the time the water has not been tested. Central heating water will become acidic over time and react with the metal radiators. That is why at Dublin Gas Boiler Service, we provide and carry out a water test to assess the water status.
If your heating system is old, call us for a realistic quote to service and advise of any defects in the system.

Every boiler is different and every central heating system has different water issues, some stemming from age and neglect.

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These are some of our most asked questions in relation to our Central Heating Maintenance Services

Yes, All our Plumbers are RGI Certified.

Yes We highly recommend it.Power flushing is a process which enables us to remove rust and sludge which has accumulated in your central heating system, therefore reducing its efficiency. With our custom built machine, which has been designed specifically for this job, we will provide you with the most efficient and cost effective heating system.

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Radiators not heating
Are some rooms in your house colder than others
Lack of hot water
Need to ‘bleed’ radiators often
Are you heating the boiler for long periods to get desired temperature?


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