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Power Flush Central Heating
Power Flushing improves efficiency / lifespan of your heating System
Power Flush Heating North County Dublin

Power Flushing Heating North County Dublin

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Central Heating Power Flushing Service in North County Dublin, the home of some of the best scenery on the east coast of Ireland. 

Smashing places during the summer months , but can be a tad wild and windy during the winter months.

All the more reason to ensure your heating system is optimised for maximum heat output, by availing of a central heating system powerflush, before the weather changes.

Dublin Gas Boiler service, an RGI registered Gas Installer, are power flush specialists in both domestic and commercial heating system optimisations and to this end provide a first class power flushing , chemical flush services.

North County Dublin Areas Where Our Heating Power Flushing service is available

The areas listed below are by no means exhaustive as we carry out Central Heating Power Flushing in all North County Dublin Areas on a regular basis.

water hardness ireland and its impact on powerf lushing of a heating systemSome areas of Fingal North County Dublin are a little more prone to necessitating more regular radiator Power Flushing. There are several reasons for this, one of them is the water quality / hardness in the area.

For your information we are providing a link the Geological Survey Of Irelands Page on the subject of water hardness in Ireland.

Of course water quality is only one of several reason why you should consider treating you system to a Power Flush, for more information visit our main Power Flushing Dublin Page and some information on the cost of power flushing in north county Dublin can be found here.

Here are some example of Power Flushes Completed In North County Dublin

Power Flushing Central Heating In Rush North County Dublin

This is from a powerflush in rush 8 radiators 3 bed semi detached house in Rush, North Dublin.
We filled the magnets twice the sludge was so thick it was like tar in the system.
We done an assessment with the thermal imaging camera and at a radiator in the kitchen which was at less than 30 degrees when the heat was on for 40 mins.
when we completed the flush,replenished the system with fresh water added an Inhibitor chemical for better circulation and had fully balanced the system the same radiator was putting out almost 60 degrees.
They have a 15 year old boiler and we still managed to get between 55 and 60 degrees out of all the radiators.
We were shocked at the amount of sludge in this system.

Power flushing north Dublin
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