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Power Flush Central Heating
Power Flushing improves efficiency / lifespan of your heating System
Power Flushing Dublin

Power Flushing Dublin

Heating Power Flush North DublinA Complete Power Flush Of  Your Central Heating System

In order to perform a complete Power Flush of a central heating system our central heating power flushing engineers use our state of the art thermal imaging camera to show before and after results. This is done alongside a visual removal of the sludge / rust with our power flushing machine and chemicals.
On completion of the sludge and rust removal, we will then top up your heating system with fresh water and an Inhibitor chemical which prevents corrosion and sludge build up.

Benefits of our Power Flushing Dublin Services:
● Increase the heat in your home.
● Increase of heating efficiency as it will take less time to heat your system, this saves you money.
● Reduce your carbon footprint.
● Our Power flushing Dublin Services are available in all Dublin City And County Areas with short lead times for a Central Heating System Power Flush.

Power Flushing Dublin - Excellent Results

Are you having trouble getting your radiators to heat?
Are there cold patches on your radiators?
Do you constantly have to bleed your radiators?
Is the water black when you bleed the radiators?
Having to leave the heat on for long periods to heat your home?

When it comes to you Central Heating System, you are throwing good money after a bad thing?

The reason a power flush should carried out is because over time the inside of radiators corrode and rust away and  in turn this is creates sludge in your Central Heating System.
This sludge then slows down and in many cases completely stops and blocks the flow of Hot Water coming from the boiler through the heating system.
This sludge can also block your boiler pump and clogs up the pipework in the system.

We can help resolve this issue with  Magnacleanse Power Flushing  and ensure your heating system is operating at maximum efficiency ,so as to heat your home and help save you money on costly gas and oil bills.
We treat the system with a chemical desludger to break down the rust before we run the power flushing machine. This machine then runs the system through magnets collecting the rust and debris.
We then top up the system with fresh water and Inhibitor leaving your central heating system working as efficiently as it can.
The success of the power flush will depend on the level of corrosion in the system.
The process will cure but cannot undo the corrosion and decay that has happened over many years and has led to why the power flush is needed in the first place.
We have outstanding results on problem radiators for some clients we have been able to get up to 4 times more heat from the system and in turn this means less heating time for the boiler to be burning expensive gas and oil.

 It should be treated the same way you would look after your car, it need needs the pressure checked, water topped up and system balanced.
If the system is not looked after this can lead to emergency repairs and costly boiler replacements.

This is the destruction of a metal resulting from a chemical reaction on its surface. Several types of corrosion can be identified, the most common being atmospheric and electrolytic corrosion and dezinicifaction of brass.

Atmospheric corrosion (oxidation)
Corrosion caused by moisture and gases in the air. When oxygen mixes with the surface of the metal it forms an iron oxide, commonly called rust.
This rust falls away exposing fresh metal underneath, and the process continues until the metal rusts away completely.

Corrosion inhibitors (added when we complete a power flush)
These are used as a method of preventing corrosion in heating systems, A chemical is added to the primary heating circuit via the f & e cistern. This neauralises any flux residues, etc, which make the water acidic, it also coats the system with a fine film.

Book with us today for a central heating system inspection and quote for a Magnacleanse Power Flush and have your central maximum efficiency.

How tell If you central heating system needs a magnacleanse power flush?

Are some rooms in your home colder than others?
Does your central heating system take a long time to heat up?
Do the radiators need frequent bleeding?
Is your boiler knocking and making unpleasant noises?
Is there black or discolouration in the water when you bleed the radiators?

These problems on their own maybe solved without a power-flush but if you have noticed more than one sign we would strongly recommend a power-flush of your central heating system.

Is a magnacleanse power-flush worth it?

Depending on how badly you’re central heating system is operating and the output from your boiler in comparison with the temperature at your radiators you may need a power-flush.
If the central heating system is showing signs of bad circulation and limited heat from the radiators then a powerflush will definitely be worth the money you pay.

Not all power flush methods are the same. A little about price considerations for power flushing prices ireland

Consequences of not getting a magnacleanse power-flush?

If your central heating system needs to be power-flushed and you decide not to, then the issues will gradually get alot worse over time.
Circulation through the central heating system will slow considerably until very little hot water can pass through, this is also putting unnecessary stress on your circulating pump and boiler.
In turn this mean your home will not heat and the boiler will be running and burning costly oil or gas for no reason.
The end result of this is wasting expensive fuel and wasting your hard earned money.

What Are Some Benefits of a magnacleanse power-flush

  • Improved central heating system reliability
  • Potentially lower energy costs
  • Reduced chance of boiler failure or breakdown
  • Enhanced energy efficiencyPotential to increase your central heating systems lifespan.
  • Better water circulation in the central heating system meaning the system heats quicker and your boiler is not working more than it has too.


Overall results and most importantly is you are saving money on costly gas and oil bills

Power Flushing Machine

Our custom built power flushing machine has been designed and built here in Ireland and is tailored to suit central heating systems in homes and buildings which have been installed across the country.
This custom built power flush machine has an adjustable flow rate and a reverse cycle option to ensure maximum performance and safety during the flushing and cleansing process.

Our power flushing machine has a triple filter system incorporated to ensure we are removing as much sludge, rust and debris as possible from your central heating system giving you the best results possible.
We have also installed a safety blow off valve to keep the process below the recommended pressure that your pipework will withstand and ensure the system does not become over pressurised during the process which can lead to damage of the pipework.
During the course of the powerflushing and cleansing process we use a custom tool which involves the vibration of each radiator in your home to remove the sludge and rust from the system, this process can be a little bit noisy during the flush but this is part of the cleaning to ensure the best results possible.

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These are some of our most asked questions in relation to our Central Heating Maintenance Services

Yes, All our Plumbers are RGI Certified.

Yes We highly recommend it.Power flushing is a process which enables us to remove rust and sludge which has accumulated in your central heating system, therefore reducing its efficiency. With our custom built machine, which has been designed specifically for this job, we will provide you with the most efficient and cost effective heating system.

Noisy boiler
Radiators not heating
Are some rooms in your house colder than others
Lack of hot water
Need to ‘bleed’ radiators often
Are you heating the boiler for long periods to get desired temperature?


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