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Power Flush Central Heating
Power Flushing improves efficiency / lifespan of your heating System
Power Flushing Prices Ireland

Power Flushing Prices Ireland

Power Flushing Prices In Ireland are partially determined by the usual competition factors such as location of business and population density and technical factors such as the type of  Flushing Method being applied by the Plumbing / Central Heating Engineers.

There are 3 main methods of flushing a central heating system and the type employed by your heating engineer has a strong bearing on the price.

Types Of Central Heating Flushing:

  • A Power Flush
  • A chemical Flush
  • A Magnacleanse Power Flush

Dublin Gas Boiler Services Swords, preferred method of Power Flushing our clients Radiators, is the Magnacleanse Power Flush.

As previously mentioned there are several methods of flushing a heating system and this does have an impact on the cost, so a like for like cost comparison when searching for Power Flushing Prices Ireland  you should be take into consideration the type of  power flush which is being quoted for. 

Dublin Gas Boiler Service Magnacleanse Power Flushing Prices begin at €499 (ex vat) we believe this to be the superior and most environmentally friendly power flush method.

On average, most households in Ireland find that they pay upwards of €500 for a Magnacleanse power flush, but if the heating engineer discovers any issues which need to be addressed, then you should be prepared to pay for the cost of repairs, additional labour and the replacement parts.

Sometimes power flushing can reveal the presence holes in pipes which were being plugged by debris and sludge which would leak and have potential to cause damage to your home, and more importantly, is that your boiler manufacturers warranty may be voided if the power flushing procedure is not carried out by a certified professional who provides you with official certification documentation stating that it was completed by an actual engineer.

So it is wise to have a power flush performed by a qualified person, who is on site to deal with any issue that may arise. This brings up to a frequently asked question.

Can I do a power flush myself?

In a nutshell the answer is Yes, and while there are no laws to prevent anyone from carrying out a power flush, for the reason stated above it is highly recommended that you avail of the services of a professional Gas Safe engineer from Dublin Gas Boiler Services.
The prices of power flushing Ireland may sound high, but with a little bit of insight, as provided here, we hope we have demonstrated that is is not a simple procedure and sometimes things can go awry.

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